I believe those vans are perfect…

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It was amazing traveling with Flo through New Zealand!! Greg is amazing with helping out in every situation.

It was the first time for me and my husband traveling with a campervan. I believe those vans are perfect for the first time. Everything is easy to understand and you have literally everything in your camper and don’t have to rely on your surroundings.

We are very very strict with hygiene and Flo was super clean!! I am very allergic to mould and usually, vans do have mould. Greg checked thoroughly the whole van for us prior to our rental and send pics from every corner! I can testify that there was no mould because I had no symptoms and I get my symptoms very easily.

We had an issue with the AC in the camper and Greg sorted it out very very quickly. He made an appointment with a mechanic on our route and they fixed it pretty quickly. That was amazing!

I would definitely recommend renting the camper from them. Greg even brought us organic food for the first days, which tasted amazing!

Whoever is reading this -> have an amazing time in New Zealand. It will be one of the lifetime experience especially with a campervan with you 🙂

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