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Your kind of camper was the most AMAZING experience in a camper my partner and I ever had! The van named Fay was so reliable, comfortable, and efficient (given the size). It had everything we needed to live comfortably for three weeks. IT was so sad when it was time to go because we loved it so much. I would totally do it again the next chance I get! Look no further. If you are a couple looking for the best deal for the best camper this is the one.

Kawika Sebag, Hawaii

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If you’re planning a trip to New Zealand then Rankers is the place to start your planning.

Founded in 2007 by two local Kiwi boys (Nick and Cy) who were running hugely popular guided kayaking tours out of Abel Tasman, Rankers has evolved over the years into an independent and trusted source of genuine, BS-free and well-researched information on where to camp, what to do and how to get around New Zealand.

Rankers is the source for reviews on campervan companies like us (and everyone else too), car hire companies, holiday parks, campsites, activities and more.

When Kylee and I travel around New Zealand we rely on the Rankers Official NZ Camping app when looking for places to stay and we LOVE the way you can use the app to find the best walks too. Cell phone coverage is pretty good now but this app works with or without it – and that’s saved our bacon a couple of times. Before you leave home you’ll find the website version very handy too.