All about us

While our respective childhoods were a few years apart, Kylee and I shared the ultimate Kiwi camping experiences and it’s something neither of us have grown out of. Now – in our 40’s (and in my case, 50’s) we’re searching out those same experiences but in the relative comfort of a well-equipped campervan.

Our idea of the perfect holiday is heading away in a stocked up motorhome to explore the lesser-known parts of New Zealand. Pulling into a quiet spot, getting the BBQ on, and settling in. Slow travel, stopping often and turning off down that interesting looking side road to who-knows-where.

To live in this country and have these experiences literally just a drive away is a privilege. Like many other Kiwis though, it took leaving this place to actually realise this. Both of us are travellers. Kylee has spent as much of her adult life living and working in the UK as in New Zealand and I was born into a family of travel agents travelling out of NZ often.

We’re excited about sharing “our place” with you in a camper perfectly suited to make the most of an extended New Zealand adventure. We think that by setting up these campers as we would like them they will almost certainly be your kind of camper too.

We have carefully considered the type of campervans we offer for hire and we’ve thoroughly tested these models ourselves. We offer Mercedes Benz Sprinters as they’re super reliable and spacious – we don’t like to feel cramped and I’m on the taller side and definitely want full headroom. We ensure the features that we know matter are included with your camper – solar panels, a barbecue and good quality linen!

If this all sounds like your kind of camper then we’d love to chat further. Get a quote started here and we’ll be back in touch right away.