The best dump station in New Zealand for campervans

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Dump stations in New Zealand

Over the years I’ve become somewhat of an expert on where to dump waste from our campervans toilet cassette and grey water tank.

Well thought out dump stations can make this process a whole lot easier and whoever came up with the design at Queenstown Holiday Park Creeksyde really put some serious thought into it. It’s a masterpiece.

First of all, you don’t have to mess about with the greywater hose and connect it to your outlet. That’s actually the part of the process I find most unpleasant so avoiding it is a real bonus! The hose is stored coiled up in our vans in its own bag and seems determined to uncoil in the most inconvenient fashion. It’s been hanging around some pretty undesirable places too so the less I have to handle it the better.

At Creeksyde they have put in a drain and you just park over the top of it and open the valve and let yourself go! It’s a breeze.

While your greywater tank is emptying you’re free to deal with the cassette and once again, Creeksyde have outdone themselves here. First of all, it’s all at a convenient height and surrounded by a stainless steel tub. Splashback is minimised and caught by the tub anyway.

It’s all enclosed in its own cupboard and when you open the door the light comes on and an extractor fan kicks into life. Kylee tells me my sh*t doesn’t stink anyway but even so, I do love the fact that there’s a fan!

Once your cassette is empty just flush your worries away.

The well stocked hand soap and a fresh towel is a nice touch too.

Throughout the whole process I have not stepped in any suspect puddles so I can climb back into the van without fear of being told off.

As dump stations go, this one is the gold standard.

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